Who We Are

PPS Specialty Underwriters Inc. (PPS-SU) is a Managing General Agent (MGA) and Program Administrator providing insurance underwriting intellect, with a focus on niche and specialty business. As an independent and privately held corporation, our focus is providing the best Premium Product and Service to clients and business partners, which will ensure confidence and integrity in our professional approach.

About Us


PPS-SU brings a unique and independent approach to a growing industry segment of program/niche business. With 100 years of combined insurance and program expertise, our commitment is to bring integrity, knowledge, experience, trust, creativeness and valued relationships to our business partners. We embrace long-term partnerships with capacity, insurance brokers and insureds. With multiple programs, PPS-SU is positioned to draw from relationships throughout the industry to benefit all our trading partners.

Our Team

William A. Hildebrand

Chief Executive Officer

Bill has been in the insurance industry for over 40 years. The majority of his career has been dedicated to specializing in niche program business. Some of the segments include renewable energy, financial institutions, entertainment, and a multitude of other insurance niche segments. Prior to helping form PPS-SU, Bill was Chairman and Head of North America for one of the largest underwriting managers of renewable projects worldwide. In prior years Bill had oversight of over 35 MGA’s imbedded in one of the largest brokers in the world. Bill has sat on a number of boards and was an active member of the Membership and Ethics Committee for NAPSLO/WSIA.

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Monika S. Jahnke

President & Chief Underwriting Officer

Monika has been in the insurance industry in an underwriting role for over 16 years. Some of the niche and specialty segments include renewable energy, large property portfolios, entertainment, and a host of other niche specialties. Monika has the unique expertise to understand and underwrite both property and liability for large commercial accounts. Prior to PPS-SU, Monika was a Senior Underwriter, Senior Vice President, Board Member, and part of the Global Management Team at one of the largest underwriting managers for renewable energy projects. Monika received her BS in Business Administration from Liberty University and graduated Summa Cum Laude, with highest honors.

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Ben Beazley

President, Astor Risk Consultants, LLC

Ben has been on the excess and surplus lines side of the insurance business for 35 years. He started his career as a claims technician for a London broker before being sent to the States for a 6 month project and never went back. Spending 25 years on the west coast in Southern California he worked for four premier wholesale brokers, including Chartwell Independent Insurance Brokers, which he started in 2004 and sold in 2010. Ben’s specialty is complex property placements and he has worked closely with various MGA’s over the years to secure capacity for their platforms. Ben has also partnered with retail brokers to assist in the structuring of large property placements that need to meet the Insureds economic goals, while at the same time fitting with the insurance companies’ requirements.

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Kari R. Pennington

Associate Underwriter

Kari has been in the insurance industry for the past 30 years, and servicing onshore wind and solar accounts specifically for the past 8 years with one of the largest underwriting managers of renewable energy projects. Her background also includes servicing and managing accounts for clients in the entertainment and media sector, forced placed insurance for autos and habitational dwellings, commercial business auto, and commercial habitational risks such as apartments, condominiums, and townhomes. She has also worked closely with premium finance companies as the liaison.

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Why Now?

The timing is ideal for PPS Specialty Underwriters Inc (PPS-SU), with an experienced team to support the program market.  With a wide segment of the commercial insurance market facing continued hardening, the opportunity for specialty and niche programs is needed more than ever.  PPS-SU has the background, knowledge, experience and relationships to meet the needs of brokers and insureds, while effectively providing profitability to capacity partners.  

The insurance industry has not seen the type of external disruptions which are impacting our business.  The effect of a global pandemic, extreme climate events, political dysfunctionality, civic unrest and overreaching social platforms have all impacted our industry and will continue to shape the insurance segment in the future.  PPS-SU is committed to providing all the best in traditional as well as new, innovative, insurance solutions.

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Renewable Energy Program

Renewable Energy is an industry that is expanding exponentially. Broad market disruption has created an opportunity to support an industry segment subject to constantly evolving technologies.

Broker’s and insured’s have limited options for capacity, severely impacting distribution channels. With a new structure, focusing on cost efficiencies and strong relationships, PPS-SU and the REP program will maximize benefits for all trading partners.

With double digit growth in the renewable energy segment, being positioned to assist brokers and insureds becomes even more important. A need for expertise, with partners committed to integrity and quality in this specialty business will bring unparalleled value to insureds, brokers and capacity providers.

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Astor Risk Consultants

Astor Risk Consultants LLC (ARC) is:

  • A resource for new or existing managing general agents and program administrators, looking for guidance in all areas of their business establishment and development.
  • A resource for agents and brokers in the structuring of complex property placements.
  • A resource to Insureds who are looking for a third-party assessment to review their insurance program.

ARC has a network of resources to provide assistance and guidance.

MGA/Program Administrators

ARC has experience, market contacts and expertise to assist MGA’s and program administrators in securing additional capacity to augment their current platform, provide entry into new lines of coverage, and/or to assist in launching initial (conceptual) ideas.

ARC has market relationships in the United States, Bermuda, and Europe, including Lloyds of London. Business relationships have been established with both direct insurance markets, and the treaty and facultative reinsurance capacity providers.

ARC can assist MGA’s and program administrators to expand their footprint, utilizing the broad and well-established relationships with retail agents and brokers, increasing distribution of their products and expanding the reach of the MGA/program.

Consultative services include:

  • Market knowledge and accessibility to capacity which can augment an MGA platform.
  • Best practices for an MGA, including licensing requirements.
  • Assistance with policy forms and protocols for the MGA product.
  • Introduction to actuarial services for data analysis.
  • Access to outsource partners such as third-party administrators (TPA’s) for claims, underwriting experts, IT platforms, modeling/risk assessment software, inspection services, etc.
  • Sales and marketing strategies.
  • Assistance with client (agent/broker or insured) education and dissemination of product.

“Our specialty is large complex program placements and we have internal expertise in general liability and property, as well as resources for other lines of coverage. The team has worked closely with various MGA’s over the years to secure capacity for their platforms allowing us to develop a strong network of service providers in the MGA space. We have also partnered with retail brokers to assist in the structuring of large property placements that need to meet the insureds’ coverage and economic goals, while fitting with the insurance companies’ requirements.”

– Ben Beazley, President, Astor Risk Consultants, LLC

Agents and/or Insureds

Services Include:

~ Risk exposures to the business, to include geography and/or contingent exposures/threats

~ Assessment of risk tolerance and economic impacts including: everyday physical damage, natural catastrophic events, contingent business income exposure, product liability exposure, cyber exposure, tenant caused events (both property and liability)

~ Vendor referrals for market access and risk assessment

~ Policy form review

~ The establishment of claims procedures and/or protocols to provide the best experience if/when the claim occurs